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YouRandom focuses on bringing you closer to your favorite content you never knew about. Whether you're looking to catch nostalgia, discover videos you never knew existed, or simply explore new realms of YouTube's vast world, we've got you covered. We're certain you'll find something new to love just moments after your first use.



A few of our favorite user reviews —


YouRandom has changed my life for the better. Never did I think that I’d find out my favorite YouTuber did a My Little Pony Let’s Play back in 2011. Are you kidding me?? I’M IN LOVE!
— Playboy #41
I’ve used YouTube for a third of my life, and I’m 55 years old. When I found out YouRandom could show me avenues I’ve never seen before? I had to give it a try. Now I’m watching real estate videos from 2007. I love my life.
— Younger man than he claims
YouRandom has given me a purpose in life again. Thank you, YR.
— Hopeful lover
Never did I once think there was ANY video on YouTube I hadn’t watched. I swear I watched them all. From the AM to the PM, every single one. Then YouRandom came along and showed me hundreds of videos I never knew about. I’m contemplating becoming a professional fisher. There’s no Wi-Fi in the ocean. I’ll never be reminded of my mistakes. I love this app.
— Matt