A few of our favorite user reviews —


YouRandom has changed my life for the better. Never did I think that I’d find out my favorite YouTuber did a My Little Pony Let’s Play back in 2011. Are you kidding me?? I’M IN LOVE!
— Playboy #41
I’ve used YouTube for a third of my life, and I’m 55 years old. When I found out YouRandom could show me avenues I’ve never seen before? I had to give it a try. Now I’m watching real estate videos from 2007. I love my life.
— Younger man than he claims
YouRandom has given me a purpose in life again. Thank you, YR.
— Hopeful lover
Never did I once think there was ANY video on YouTube I hadn’t watched. I swear I watched them all. From the AM to the PM, every single one. Then YouRandom came along and showed me hundreds of videos I never knew about. I’m contemplating becoming a professional fisher. There’s no Wi-Fi in the ocean. I’ll never be reminded of my mistakes. I love this app.
— Matt