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YouRandom and its services are privately owned and distributed. YouRandom and YouRandom, LLC are not affiliated with Alphabet Inc., Google Inc. or YouTube, and do not endorse any content distributed through YouTube. All YouTube services provided to users while using YouRandom is embedded and provided using YouTube's public player API. All terms, services and privacy regarding YouTube's public player API belong to Google Inc. and YouTube solely and is not affiliated with YouRandom or YouRandom, LLC.

Account Privacy

To provide the best user experience while using YouRandom, an account is automatically created upon first launch of the app to help us store a user's individual data across any platform YouRandom supports. Our purpose for this is to allow users to easily transfer saved settings from one device to another. Your account is limited to a randomly generated ID that is determined each time the application is installed. You can view your ID by the "Transfer Account" feature in menu. This data is limited to a user's saved Favorite Channels, saved Favorite Groups, including names of Favorite Groups, any temporary Filter Results, and Favorite Videos. Users can share these details with other users by linking their IDs to different devices. We will never collect any personal information about you, including name, email, address, or anything sensitive of the sort. Any information collected by users will be used and executed in a hashed or obfuscated way, in our best attempt to keep all YouRandom users anonymous. This information is private and may only be accessed by specified owners and employees of YouRandom for purposes limited only to improving our services. No information specifically collected or stored by YouRandom will be redistributed in any way with the exception of a merger, acquisition, or sale of company assets.

Policy Changes

YouRandom's Privacy Policy may be updated whenever necessary to provide the best user experience. These changes will always be kept as public information and can be viewed here as soon as any changes are made.
This Privacy Policy was last updated on September 4th, 2016.


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